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Ada is a city known for its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, water, and outdoor activities. The picturesque Ada Estuary, where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Immerse yourself in the local culture, learn about local customs and interact with friendly locals. Bring your swimsuit with you and enjoy a range of water activities.

Tour Plan


Morning: Ada Nkyinkyim Museum

  1. Our day starts early as we head to Ada, which is about a 2-hour drive from Accra.
  2. Exploring Ada Nkinkyim Museum to learn about the culture and history of the Ada people and the transatlantic slave trade.

Late Morning: Crocodile Island

  1. Let’s continue to the nearby Ada Foah, where a boat awaits to take a beautiful ride to Crocodile Island.

(A quick stop would be made at fort Kongenstein for 10 minutes for picture opportunity)

  1. Explore Crocodile Island observing and learning about the crocodiles.
  2. Boat ride to the Estuary where the volta river meets the sea.

Afternoon: Aqua Safari Resort

  1. Boat ride to Aqua Safari Resort, which is a beautiful resort along the Volta River.

Lunch: Enjoy lunch at Aqua Safari Resort

  1. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the resort's pool, taking a nature walk, or engaging in water sports activities.

Late Afternoon/Evening

  1. Head back to Accra

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