Yakos Adventures is a club for children aged 9-16 that focuses on introducing them to safe and fun adventures. Our main objective is to develop children’s appreciation for the environment by engaging them in outdoor activities. In today’s digital age, children spend a significant amount of time on gadgets and screens, so we believe it is important to strike a balance and provide opportunities for physical activity and outdoor exploration.

Yakos Adventures visits schools to encourage children to become members of our club. Once a month, we hold meetings to discuss environmental issues and organize exciting trips filled with outdoor activities, both locally and internationally. Research has shown that children need 60 minutes of activity every day, which not only strengthens their immune system but also helps to reduce stress and promotes physical development.

Learning outside of a traditional classroom setting provides unique and memorable experiences while also nurturing personal and social skills, which in turn builds their confidence. Our activities are not only thrilling and inspiring but also safe and educational. Through enjoyable educational trips on the environment, we strive to teach children to be environmentally conscious.

By joining Yakos Adventures, children form friendships, gain confidence, develop independence, and learn problem-solving skills that will benefit them as they grow into adults. We emphasize empathy and kindness towards people, animals, and the environment. Our club fosters resilience, responsibility, and resourcefulness, exposing children to new activities, challenges, and helping them develop communication skills, teamwork, and tenacity.

Some of the activities include rope courses, archery, biking, trekking/hiking, camping, canoeing/ kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills. Additionally, Yakos Adventures is dedicated to giving back to the local community and involves the children in give-back campaigns, clean-up exercises and community projects.

We are thrilled to provide children with opportunities to explore, experience, and discover adventure. After all, adventure is best enjoyed with friends. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together with Yakos Adventures! The adventure begins!


2 Weeks

The combination of an adventure camp and day trips to various locations will offer a diverse and enriching experience. Here's a breakdown of what they can expect:

  • Adventure Camp
  • Day Trips
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