Yakos Philanthropy

Yakos Luxury Tours is dedicated to giving back and supporting local communities through partnerships with charities and local projects. Our interest in the communities we visit is to make the communities better through Community Development Projects by collaborating with local communities to identify their needs and support initiatives that promote infrastructure development, education, healthcare, access to clean water and sanitation.

Environmental Conservation is close to our hearts, Ghana is blessed with rich biodiversity. We engage in tree planting initiatives, wildlife conservation, and organizing clean-ups to raise awareness about environmental issues.

YLT is passionate about Education and Skill Development in local communities by supporting educational initiatives, by donating books, school supplies and computers. In the future, we have plans to sponsor scholarships for underprivileged children.

Cultural Preservation is also an initiative close to our hearts. Our country has a vibrant cultural heritage. YLT plans to organize events and be part of initiatives that promote the preservation of traditional arts, crafts, music, and dance by collaborating with local artists.

Lastly, YLT partners with local charities like LOVENEST, a local charity that provides assistance to orphanages, vulnerable children, elderly individuals, and individuals with disabilities. Our team is involved in the communities we visit and liaise with residents to understand their needs and involve them with any planned projects and initiatives.

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